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Cheapest countries to travel in the world 


Do you have a very strong desire to explore every corner of the world? Well, obtaining a tourist visa for the country can help you fulfill your desire to explore the world. Without any doubt, our planet has a vast collection of man-made and natural structures that fascinate people to a greater extent. The mystical places of Egypt give chills to so many travelers. Then comes the beautiful locations of Paris that attract countless visitors to France every year. Well, which country do you wish to explore? Don’t worry about the hectic process of obtaining a tourist visa to that country. Cede the responsibilities of getting your tourist visa approved to the experienced tourist visa consultants in Jalandhar.

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s cheapest and best countries to travel to: 


We are pretty sure that you must have heard about the most fascinating and one of the oldest temples i.e. Angkor Wat. Well, this temple is in Cambodia, a country that is an empire of temples. The best part about visiting the country is that this country has a vast number of locations that attract lakhs of visitors every year and let you explore the country for 30 days if you have a tourist visa. Also, the local life of villages, colonial towns of Battambang,  and beaches of Sihanoukville captivate almost everyone traveling to the country. Then, comes the endless rice fields of Mondulkiri and riverfronts of Phnom Penh which gives us a sense of instant calmness. Thus, we are pretty sure that visiting Cambodia will be a wonderful experience for you. 


Morocco could be the cheapest country to travel to or could be the most expensive country to travel to. It all depends on the choices you make. The train rides in the country and the majority of restaurants, accommodations, and tours are quite affordable. Marrakesh, the colorful city of Morocco can be a bit expensive. But visiting other locations such as the royal Saadien’s Tombs or the 12th-century Menara Gardens are quite affordable. There are vast collections of locations that can suit your budget and make you create wonderful memories. 


Qatar, a country in western Asia has numerous beaches and mind-blowing structures. In the Souq Wakif marketplace in the country, you can get traditional garments, handicrafts, and local spices. No doubt, traveling to this beautiful county is no less than visiting an Arabic fairytale. Dunes, mind-blowing museums, and sacred religious places make Qatar a perfect place to click photographs. Do you have a passion to explore Islamic Art? If yes, then the museum of Islamic Art (MIA) stands as an architectural gem. You can see a vast collection of jewellery, woodwork, metalwork, and glass. All these things have been collected from the three continents and date from the 7th century to the 19th century. Undoubtedly, visiting this country at least once in your life can be a thrilling experience for you. 


Eating and entertainment in Portugal are quite budget-friendly, expect Lisbon. You can easily travel to various locations in Portugal because of the good availability of bus and train services. The best part about traveling to this country is that this country has secured rank 3 on the list of the world’s safest countries in 2022. Moreover, visiting the country is also budget-friendly. The wines, the festivals, and the welcoming nature of the Portuguese add to the privileges of visiting Portugal. During winters, the country will not be cold as others and can offer you good discounts on shopping as well. 



The country, Singapore needs no introduction to the Indians. Every Indian has heard about the country several times. Not because of its budget-friendly feature but because of the colorful life prevalent there. Do you wish to feel the touch of old heritage? Then, you must give a visit to this eminent country which is also popular with another name i.e. The Lion City. Furthermore, the architecture, the beaches, and the food, ranging from chicken rice to fish head curry, is one of the best features that make Singapore the best destination to travel to.  Do you still find it difficult to discover the best budget-friendly location to travel to? If yes, then don’t worry! The best experienced Visitor Visa consultants in Jalandhar can help you get sheer clarity on the best budget-friendly countries to travel to. Approach them to know more details and get your visitor visa approved.



We hope that the pointers mentioned above will help you find a perfect budget-friendly destination where you can freeze wonderful memories. Furthermore, get help from the best consultants to know more details. 

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