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Car Maintenance Tips For Trouble-Free Long Rides In Winter

Car Maintenance Tips

Winters demand change in car maintenance routine as well, just like our wardrobe even in the emirates where winters are not so cold. Furthermore, it is the time when people plan road trips to explore the UAE. Summers are the warmest in UAE, making people stick to places surrounded by air conditioners. When winter approaches, everybody makes a list of places they will visit during the 3-4 months of good weather.

Winter is approaching in the emirates, and people have already started planning road trips. It brings tremendous excitement to those who have just moved to Dubai and were waiting for winter to start exploring the roads they heard of. It is time for them to get a car oil change service and check if something needs a fix for a smooth and comfortable trip.

However, as we get more road trips in winter and the foggy mornings all demand some checks, which can save you bucks down the road.

If you have just moved to Dubai, make sure to follow the tips mentioned below for a trouble-free road trip.

1. Get Your Car Serviced

Pre-car service is essential. More hours of driving means more mileage which demands your car to be in perfect condition. Imagine you are driving and having fun with family or friends, and the car breaks down in the middle of the road. In the worst scenarios, you do not have access to car polish in Dubai as well. Such circumstances turn your trip into chaos. That is why pre-car service is necessary no matter the season to make sure everything is under check and working smoothly.

2. Check Car Lights

In winter, it gets dark earlier, and if car lights malfunction, you are in a real mess. To avoid mishaps and disasters, make sure car lights are functioning properly, as the level of visibility also reduces during winters. The lights in perfect conditions ensure safe travel during hours with low visibility.

3. Replace Car Battery If Needed

Car battery controls the entire car’s functioning, and failure not only brings trouble but burns a hole in the pocket. Test your battery to check if it is weak or in perfect condition. If you notice signs of weakness, consider replacing it right away, as weak car batteries are the major reasons for a car breakdown.

4. Maintain Engine Coolant

Engine coolant stabilizes the temperature in all weather. Overheated car engines might break down on the way. For a comfortable and memorable trip, you should need to a car wash in Dubai to make sure the engine coolant is in a good state and stabled at the required temperature. Another benefit of coolant is that it lubricates the parts of the engine, thereby protecting damage to the water pump and other parts.

5. Check Car Tires

A long trip means more wear and tear to the car tires. If the tires are already in a half-stable condition, the chances of them wearing out by the road are higher. So, check the car thread and groves. If the groves are deeper, the tires are in good working condition. Another thing to consider when checking the tires is the air pressure. Low or high air pressure can lead to accidents due to car instability and poor handling.

6. Get Foggy Lights

Not every car has it, but Dubai law makes it a compulsion to have foggy lights in winter. The reason is the fluctuating weather conditions in the emirates, which frequently change from rain to fog and sandstorms. That is why as per the toll road code, fog lights are necessary to avoid accidents. In this way, you can signal the coming vehicle by switching on the fog lights in low visibility and switching them off when the visibility gets better.

7. Check Brakes

Brakes malfunctioning is common during winter. Ignoring this step can make you end up in a hospital bed, and you will be risking the life of your loved ones as well. Despite carrying this burden for life, it is better to check the brake calipers and get them replaced if needed. Do not forget to check the brake fluid as well. If you do not know much about cars, make sure to get the car checked by the best tire shops in Dubai to detect the issue and fix it immediately.

8. Windshield Wipers

As mentioned above, the weather can get foggy in Dubai in winter mornings. Windshield wipers can help clear the fog and keep the windshield clear.

The Takeaway

Long road trips during winter with your loved ones seem like a dream come true. Get the above-outlined tips checked for a wonderful trip and eternal memories.

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