Best Stores to buy Authentic Loreal Serie Expert in Pakistan

L’Oreal series expert has been looking after our hair since the time of its production. It is not only most wanted in France but in Pakistan, it has made every other girl dream of it. …

L’Oreal series expert has been looking after our hair since the time of its production. It is not only most wanted in France but in Pakistan, it has made every other girl dream of it. In every vanity box, there is one L’Oreal product that we would see. L’Oreal professional series expert comes in a complete hair care package which includes a hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, and after-shampoo oil replacement. It has six types formulated for all hair types. They lock the shine in hair, give them more volume, reduce hair fall and keep them frizzy-free. 

Hair is an important part of a woman’s beauty. Now, it has become equally important for both genders. A research shows that the majority of men in Pakistan use “soap” as shampoo and women ignore the use of “hair conditioner” after shampoo. Such minute factors count and begin to emerge as a root cause for hair fall and other problems. Baldness has become a serious issue for both genders at early age. 

With complete hair care or opting for quality hair care products may reduce the factor of hair loss or breakage. 

Apart from the famous stores of Pakistan today we will be sharing a list of seven stores that provide quality products and daily work on bringing advancement and new changes to customers’ lives.

  3. Makeup City
  4. Naheed. pk
  5. Allure Beauty
  7. Digi Mall

These are the stores that we are listing down with details, so you can look on to your favourite store for shopping L’Oreal products.

L’Oreal series expert shopping from Cozmetica has never been a disappointment. Their discount deals, offers and packages of combining amazing products in one is what brings customers willing to shop more. They are offering free delivery which means saving money from delivery and investing in shopping for more. Cozmetica is a leading store in Pakistan working on quality and customer satisfaction since 2017. For L’Oreal professional series expert shopping at Cozmetica the cost will range between Rs.2, 499 – Rs.4, 000 only.

 Vegas is a favourite store of all. Its exhibitions and stalls excite everyone including bloggers, actresses and frequent customers. Vegas offers different yearly sales and discounts with a wide range of collections from makeup, skincare and hair care. The good news for Vegas customers is that the L’Oreal series at Vegas is available at price range starting from Rs.350-Rs.2, 630 only with reduction in delivery charges. So, it’s a good time to shop now and avail exciting offers and bundles. 

Makeup City

Makeup City is one of the best stores in Pakistan which has its physical store in Emporium Mall, Lahore. Over the years, this largest chain of makeup and cosmetics has had many outlets in Pakistan. Apart from physical stores, it offers the facility to shop for makeup online from its store. Makeup City brings an amazing collection of makeup from A-Z and covers a range of L’Oreal makeup and cosmetics at affordable prices.

Naheed. pk is another leading store in Pakistan. It offers premium quality from clothing to makeup. They cover local and international brands at affordable prices. Naheed is one of the best makeup and cosmetics covering stores in Pakistan that offers the best quality which is not compromised. They give the facility of consulting them before placing any order to avoid any kind of problem that would come to their customers.

Allure Beauty

Allure Beauty, may not be a common shopping store in Pakistan. But it brings premium quality and a collection of makeup. The customers who place an order with Allure leave positive feedback and recommendations for the Allure store and services. At Allure, quality and satisfaction is guaranteed to the customers.

Reana offers top-notch customer service to its customers with authentic products and quick delivery services. These days they are offering cricket contests and upon winning, customers are offered different prizes. Up to 40% off is available on all their products. It is a best online shopping destination where once landed, you would want to come for more. 

Digi Mall

Digi Mall is a new shopping e-commerce store. Since it’s a new store so people get amazing variety and collection from makeup and clothing etc. They offer quick delivery services. All the desired products are available on their website at reduced prices. 


Cozmetica. pk offers L’Oreal series expert at an affordable price and reduced price if compared to other stores. They are highly recommended for fast delivery, premium quality and customer satisfaction. Moreover, L’Oreal professional series expert is available at Cozmetica in a bundle which consists of a hair mask, protein treatment and moisture lock shampoo with a serum that protects hair from damage. Cozmetica is recommended for its quality services.

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