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Best Packaging Solutions for Cookies

Best Packaging Solutions for Cookies

Did you know that cookies are consumed by more than 50% of the world? Stats show that cookies are second only to junk food in popularity. This makes it an incredibly important product – which just so happens to be a lot of work to design and package! By choosing the right type of packaging, you can increase your chances of selling more cookies.

Fortunately, we do all of the hard work for you with our amazing range of packaging solutions for cookies. This guide will talk about the best 3 packaging solutions and the things you should look at when choosing a cookie packaging solution.

Considerations when choosing a cookie packaging

A good packaging solution is not just about the external appearance of your product. It should also have the right features to make it easy to use, store, and transport. It still has much to do with how well the product will be protected from damage, how easy it will be to open and close, how easy it is to handle and display in a retail environment and whether or not it will attract customers’ attention.

  • To ship safe and sell best, you’ll need sturdy, durable and functional packaging.
  • Cookie packaging bags and boxes should be safe to store cookies with minimal changes in their shape or taste.

Using cardboard or kraft paper

Using cardboard or kraft paper for the box will ensure that your cookies are protected from the environment. The material is ideal for keeping your treats fresh and safe from moisture, dirt, and other harmful elements.

Besides being easy to use and affordable, this type of packaging is also recyclable. If you’re concerned about how much waste you’re creating, this is a great option since it can be recycled when used as packaging for other foods or beverages and paper products like catalogs and magazines.

Plastic can also be used for cookie boxes.

Plastic can be used for cookie boxes. You can easily print your logo on the side of the box or add stickers or labels. It’s also easier to maintain than paper and doesn’t require any additional ingredients. This is the best option if you want the convenience of plastic without having to deal with any other packaging elements.

Use flat boxes

Flat boxes are another option that allows you to make your cookies look homemade while still keeping them fresh and protected from damage. These containers are great because they’re easy to transport and store, even if they’re not as functional in other ways (like being reusable). They also work well with smaller batches of dough or products that don’t need much space inside their container.

Cookie boxes shaped like tuck-end boxes, gable bags and pillow pouches can be an interesting addition to your sustainable cookie packaging design.


If you hadn’t noticed, the cookie packaging options above could be Custom-made. Thus, using craft paper, flat boxes or plastic containers can be a cost-effective marketing tool for all businesses focused on marketing and selling their products online. So, the best packaging solution for cookies should not only be easy for your customers to deal with, but also beneficial to you.

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