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Best Artificial Jewellery Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Best Artificial Jewellery Manufacturers

The Indian jewelry industry has evolved over the years and is considered a hugely expanding commercial area. The demand for jewelry manufacturers has been increasing, and it is predicted that the industry may reach more than sixty thousand crores by the end of this year. 

As a jewelry designer, you might think about outsourcing jewelry production. If you are on the quest to find artificial jewellery manufacturers, it is vital to know the top names in the country. 

Before that, get to know some essential tips that will help you select a reliable jewelry manufacturer.

Identify your requirements

When searching for a jewelry manufacturer, you must consider several factors. Firstly, figure out the requirements and know the right jewelry type you want to create. 

This is crucial when you select a manufacturer, and you should choose the name that specializes in manufacturing the best types. Learn about materials and techniques you desire to use in jewelry manufacturing. 

If you own designs, it is essential to evaluate whether the manufacturing unit includes designers and whether they will incorporate fashion trends in their jewelry-making process.  

The location to select a good manufacturer  

You will find artificial jewelry manufacturers across the globe, but it is crucial to choose a reliable name. You will be able to gather several names of jewelry makers at trade shows, jewelry networking events and more. It will be easier for you to locate the best jewelry designers. 

There is no need to shy away from asking questions. Most manufacturers will offer samples to showcase their production efficiencies, and novice jewelry traders can learn more about the industry. 

After the COVID pandemic, trade shows and jewelry fairs are conducted occasionally. The online presence of the jewelry makers’ community allows you to find many resources online, and virtual tradeshows are also conducted regularly. 


After choosing a few manufacturers’ names, it is crucial to consider some factors specified below.

The size of jewelry makers should be based on the project quantity requirements. It is essential to remember that most companies have more minimum order quantities than small jewelry makers. You have to check with the company and ensure they will work flexibly. 

The timing is crucial as companies must get the manufactured jewelry on time. If the retailer doesn’t provide the products on time, it is essential to check for other reliable names.

Buyers will expect to invest in quality jewelry, so evaluate the type of materials used in the jewelry-making process and navigate to the company to check the quality of accessories. It will help you understand retailers’ production processes and quality control standards.

These are some of the tips to help you source artificial accessories from reliable makers. Get to know about the industry’s top names that have earned customers’ trust for several years.

Top jewelry manufacturers in India

Kanhai Jewels is the first name that comes to mind regarding reliable artificial jewelry makers. After this, Mangalmani Jewellers has provided good quality services for over a decade. Manek Ratna is the third name on the list, and this company was founded in 2010.

Wrapping up

Though there are numerous names in the market, the three above-specified manufacturers have done a great job, and it is crucial for every business owner to source quality accessories from them. 

Browse through the website of all these jewelry makers and select one name that suits your production requirements.

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