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Average Salary in Australia for Indians – Basic & Average

Average salary in australia for indians

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In Australia, the average annual wage is anticipated to be around 99,596 AUD in 2022. In 2021, salaries may vary from 33,000 to 260,000 AUD. The typical wage includes transportation, housing, and other amenities. The middle pay number, or median salary, is 72,000 Australian dollars annually. According to this, half of the population makes less than this amount, and the other half makes more than this amount.

The wage is directly inversely proportionate to years of experience. A larger compensation is earned the longer the experience. The average gross pay for employees with 20+ years of experience is AU$ 144,127, compared to AU$ 55,002 for individuals with less than a year of work experience. The difference in experience between those with 20+ years and those with 0–1 is 141.50 percent.

The level of higher education affects salary levels. Different pay levels will apply to people in the same field but with varying levels of education. In Australia, those with doctorates make the most money overall, with a gross salary of about AUD129,996. Those with education levels below high school receive the lowest pay. They make about A$64,131 annually.

The greatest annual gross wages go to engineers and technicians, who make around AUD 141,456 in that category, and management professionals, who make approximately AUD 137,766. With an annual pay of AUD 46,445, those working in restaurants are at the bottom end of the scale. About 193% separates the positions with the highest and lowest salaries. A director is among the best paid with an annual gross compensation of AUD 187,775. General managers and engineering managers come in second and third, respectively, with salaries of AUD 179,389 and AUD 164,485. Cooks make a gross yearly pay of AUD 50,992 whereas teachers make a yearly gross income of AUD 74,607. The salary gap between the lowest-paying and highest-paying jobs is 215.41%.

Facts about salary trends in Australia

  • In 2022, professionals working 38 hours per week will make AUD$1,737 per week.
  • In 2021, the median weekly wage for employees increased by $50 (4.3%) to AUD$1,200.
  • The average hourly wage in Australia is $36.
  • Men who work full-time earn A$261 more per week than women do, or a 14.2% differential.
  • In Australia, full-time workers’ average weekly pay was AUD$1,575 for women and AUD$1,837 for men.
  • In the construction industry, there has been a significant increase in average salaries.

What is considered a good salary in Australia? 

In Australia, a salary between AUD$7,500 and AUD$9,000 per month or AUD$90,000 to AUD$108,000 yearly is regarded as a respectable pay and is one of the important reasons you should apply for Australia PR from India. Nevertheless, the national average is close to AUD$90,000. You can anticipate a higher pay in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, ranging from about AUD$110,000 to AUD$150,000.

If you live in a big city with a healthy employment market and an abundance of related industry, earning around $100,000 a year is not unusual. The minimum salary you should aspire for when beginning your profession in Australia is AUD$5,000 per month, or AU$60,000 per year. You might anticipate making roughly AUD $50,000 per year as a recent graduate.

The median salary in Australia is $72,000 per year, so that might be a fair benchmark to aim for. Additionally, you can anticipate making a little bit more money than the national average if you hunt for job in a major city like Sydney or Melbourne.

Although your circumstances, notably your education and industry, will determine your true decent wage, you should aim for at least AUD$60,000 annually. Unless you have expertise and credentials in a highly competitive sector, it could be challenging to obtain a salary exceeding AUD$150,000 but consulting a good immigration consultant on how to get Australia PR from India can really increase your chances to get paid with such a salary amount.. Furthermore, a number of factors, like your profession, degree of experience, and location, affect earnings in Australia. An immigration consultant can also provide you with an overview of the typical salary in Australia for several career categories.

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