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Auto Dialer Software for Businesses

Auto Dialer Software for Businesses

An Auto Dialer is software that assists a business to boost an agent’s productivity by automatically dialing numbers from the contact list. It can be integrated with different cloud-based communication solutions. The automated calls are either responded to with pre-recorded messages or directly routed to a live agent. Auto dialer software companies in India are used by many industries. It helps to answer or follow up with both regular and new customers. It enhances engagement rate and seamless communication.

Two Types of Auto Dialers:

  1. Progressive Dialers: It helps agents automatically dial the next number on the list. It reduces call wait time and directly connects customers to the business. Progressive dialers are mainly used for outbound calling. It is used by various industries like telemarketing, banking, customer support, debt collection, etc. It waits for the agent to finish a call and then automatically connects to the next call.

Progressive dialers help to reduce the call abandonment rate as the agents are connected when a customer receives the call. As many customers prefer to interact with live agents rather than pre-recorded messages; the solution is very efficient to connect.

  1. Predictive Dialers: It initiates bulk calls from the business contact list. It connects the customers with available agents and ensures quick communication. It easily filers a disconnected call, busy line, or calls not answered. It is later connected with the available agent whenever the customer is free to attend the call. It predicts the average wrap-up time of every call.

Predictive dialers consider different factors from the recorded calls and reconnect the customers with the specific agents according to their call history. It helps to enhance customer engagement rate and service satisfaction. By connecting with specific agents or experts, the business confirms to resolve the customer issues immediately and efficiently.

Why Auto Dialer For Businesses?

Auto dialer software companies in India benefit from the following features:

  1. It provides dynamic queuing that allows the users to map different queues for different campaigns. It does not have to update the queue within the IVR offers saving valuable time.
  2. It offers basic insights into every call by offering end-to-end call details. It helps a business to monitor each call information with in-depth information. It leaves enough space and opportunity to work on better service delivery.
  3. The call disposition feature allows tagging a call to get more visibility. By tagging a number, one can benefit from better call outcomes and helps help supervisors to identify areas that need improvement.

Auto Dialers to Expand Business Market Reach

  1. It offers the agents to provide efficient services and improves operational efficacy. As manual work is reduced by automated dialing and connection, the agents can completely concentrate on service delivery.
  2.  Automated calls are used for both inbound and outbound calling. It benefits from more conversation which helps with a better customer experience and higher sales.
  3.  It allows the business to reach more prospects in lesser time which helps to enhance leads. A business aims to reach more people and generate potential customers.
  4. It allows extracting insights based on the number of calls addressed, and the agent’s behavior toward new as well as repeat callers. In the process, it helps to drive more benefit to the business.
  5. It allows a business to run multiple campaigns at the same time. Focusing on each campaign’s need and delivery mechanism makes each campaign successful. It reduces the manual work of making a campaign functional and efficient. It also helps in customizing campaigns by integrating different solutions.

Knowlarity is a leading provider of auto dialer software companies in India. It offers both progressive and predictive dialers. When paired with inbound and outbound calling solutions, benefits businesses in multiple dimensions. In progressive dialer, when the system automatically dials the next customer on the list; predictive dialers help to connect with a new set of customers according to the availability of the agents in queue. Knowlarity is trusted by all industries and businesses of all sizes. It helps a business to customize by tailoring features according to their needs and budgets. Knowlarity is popular not just in India but also internationally. It is used by 6000+ businesses from across 60+ countries globally, and the numbers are growing every day.

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