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A treehouse is an extraordinary place to live, but it isn’t always possible to live in one. The Tree Masters series features treehouses built by world-renowned designer Pete Nelson. With his team of craftsmen, Nelson combines art and science to create amazing structures. His designs can awaken the child within you who has always wanted to live among the trees. Some of the treehouses in the series include a brewery, spa retreat, honeymoon suite, Irish-themed cottage, and even an 800-square-foot Texas treehouse with a full bath.

Nelson’s passion for treehouses

Pete Nelson’s love for building treehouses began at a young age. As a child, Nelson played in a tree fort his father built behind the garage. He grew up in New Jersey and, when he was older, decided to pursue a career in forestry. Nelson’s book Treehouses: The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb is the result of that experience.

As the popularity of treehouses has grown, Nelson’s business has expanded. His custom treehouses have cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to thirty thousand. His clients have included single men like Albert Green and families such as Paul and Susie Wyckoff. He has even built a treehouse in Japan for a group of outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition to his treehouse business, Nelson is the owner of a popular treehouse website. He also has three adult children who work in the treehouse business. Charlie is the lead carpenter for the company. Nelson’s wife, Emily, manages the project operations. Emily is also the co-founder of the online store Be a Tree, where you can purchase treehouse plans and lifestyle items.

His family’s treehouse business

He built a treehouse with his savings and investment, which he’s now selling as an Airbnb listing. He’s also included an outhouse. He didn’t want to get a toy for his birthday or Christmas, so he built his own. He also paid back $200 from his savings to his mom. After seeing his mother’s success, Eli set his sights on an Airbnb listing. He asked his mother if they could split the profits.

Nelson’s treehouse business started in 1991 after his father fell on hard times and lost his job. After buying 16 acres in Bastrop, New Jersey, he realized that he needed to do something to support his family, and this was the perfect opportunity. After all, his father had a passion for trees.

Nelson’s treehouse business has grown to become an international brand, and his family has a book collection. In addition to building treehouses for his customers, Nelson also has his treehouse store. He started as a hobby, but his passion for the industry led him to start a business that’s now a full-blown empire.

His non-TV treehouses

In addition to his work on Animal Planet’s Tree Masters, Pete Nelson also has a successful treehouse-building business. His team of craftsmen can create one-room bungalows to multi-bedroom treehouses. And the best part is, they can be rented out at night for a fee!

The Treehouse Masters team spends much of its time in the trees, using Sony PMW-300 XDCAM HD cameras and GoPro Hero cameras mounted on helmets and rope pulleys. In addition, a Canon 5D MK III camera is deployed to capture beautiful shots of the treehouses. The show also includes aerial shots of the treehouses using an Octocopter drone.

The Treehouse Masters is a reality show focusing on building treehouses. The show is known for its colorful personalities and genuine approach to the work. This is one of the reasons it has attracted so many fans. Pete Nelson, the host of the show, has a degree in economics but worked as a carpenter before being approached by Animal Planet. He never wanted to do a reality television show.

His controversies

The Treehouse Masters have been on the air for five years, and during that time, they have faced several controversies. Among other issues, some of their projects were criticized for not obtaining the proper building permits. The series also sparked debates over the use of wood and the rising price of lumber. As a result, the series was canceled after the latest episode aired in 2019.

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