An Overview of Plantation Shutters

The window shutters in your home play a significant role in defining the beauty of your house as well as the benefits they provide. Hence, decisions such as picking the right shutters for your home …

Luxury plantation shutters in bathroom

The window shutters in your home play a significant role in defining the beauty of your house as well as the benefits they provide. Hence, decisions such as picking the right shutters for your home might be taken wisely. However, homeowners know how important it is to put great thought into everything you choose to invest in your home, and for that, you as a homeowner must be choosing plantation shutters that are more aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Choosing the right kind will be easier when you know the various options of it and their benefits.

This article will define the overall benefit that plantation shutters give and what are the types available to choose from.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

These shutters are wood or faux wood shutters that can be mounted on your windows. They are extremely versatile and appealing to the eye. They seem similar to shutters on your blinds. Moreover, they are pocket-friendly, so you do not have to worry about the expenses of installing plantation shutters. They are durable and with a range of functional benefits.

Benefits Of Picking Plantation Shutters:

It is no secret that the popularity of plantation shutters has been skyrocketing. Let us look at some of the reasons as to why that may be.

  1. Style: They offer a wide range of styles to pick from, which allows you to pick the ones that fit the theme of your house. There’s a style for every design, whether that be a modern interior or a more period-style interior. All of these are more elegant than the last.
  1. UV Protection: Plantation shutters offer protection from UV rays, which can help protect your family members, furniture, and other belongings from some serious sun damage. It reduces the wide exposure of the house interior.
  1. Low maintenance: They do not require a lot of maintenance since they do not require a ton of cleaning. Also, for the bit of cleaning, they do need, you do not need to have any fancy cleaning equipment. All you need is a small rag and your basic everyday cleaning equipment.
  1. Complete privacy: One great feature of plantation shutters is that the horizontal slats have a 180-degree rotation option. This provides you with maximum privacy and safety. You can rotate and fix them at any angle and also can even control the airflow in your house through this feature.
  1. Durability: These shutters are made from long-lasting and durable materials. They stand still for long years in bad weather such as heavy rain, storm, hailstorm, snowfall, etc. Therefore, although they are not very expensive, your money is well-spent.
  1. Environment-friendly: Some modern plantation shutters are made from fully recyclable and non-toxic materials. So, you don’t have to feel bad about your purchase. You are reducing your carbon footprint actually by choosing plantation shutters to install in your house.

Types of Shutter Openings:

Once you broached the topic of plantation shutters further, it is time to look into the types of shutters available to you. The three main styles of shutters include hinged, bi-fold, or sliding shutters. The names of these types suggest how the shutters would open.

  • Hinged shutter: Hinged shutters open similar to how a door does; it swings. You need a hinged panel for this, about which you can either choose single-hinge shutters or double-hinge shutters.
  • Bi-fold shutter: Bi-fold shutters open with all their panels bi-folding on each other and stacking to the side. Bi-fold shutters are mainly used in wide windows or large doorways.
  • Slide shutter: Sliding shutters slide open in the same direction as your door or window. Sliding shutters are used in sliding doors or windows.

Types of Shutters by their Style:

These are the various options you have when it comes to plantation shutters. All these kinds of shutters are elegant in all shapes and forms.

  1. Cafe-style shutters offer privacy but at the same time, let in tons of natural lighting.
  1. Tier-on-tier shutters are great if you want control over your shutters. You can control their bottom and top part separately.
  1. Full-height shutters offer maximum privacy and control, making them perfect for areas like the bedroom where privacy is of the utmost importance.


Now that you know most of what you need to know about these elegant kinds of shutters, your hesitance about installing them in your house should not be present anymore. Make your decision with great consideration and pick the kinds of shutters that would look the best with your home’s interior and exterior.

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