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A Definitive Guide for Building Log Cabin Porches


Porches add another element of great views and relaxation to log cabins any where you live. They were a standard on rural and urban houses for generations and also go hand-in-hand with cabins. Although they add to the overall cost of construction, you can save a bundle by building your cabin with log siding instead of full logs. 


We just cannot seem to get enough of porches’ charm and functionality in today’s modern world. They come in many forms, including:


  • Open front porches
  • Open back porches
  • Open wrap-around porches
  • Enclosed with screens
  • Enclosed with windows
  • Heated and cooled porches


They can match a log cabin’s style or contrast with it, anyway you choose. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these amazing structures.


Why Build Log Cabin Porches


A log cabin porch makes a statement that says ‘I want to enjoy the outdoors from my own home.’ Here are some more reasons for liking front, back, or any style of porches:


  • Provide needed outdoor living space
  • Perfect place for entertaining guests
  • Keep us connected to our neighborhood
  • They make a great place for dining
  • A good place to hang plants
  • Listen to the rain or sleep on enclosed porches


You may have other reasons for building porches on your log cabin and none of them can be wrong. The following four types can be constructed to meet your needs.


Front Log Cabin Porches


When you think of wood porches, do you think of front, rear, wrap-around, or all three? In the past few centuries, the front porch was dominant. Today, any design or location around a log cabin is in style. Before you begin construction, obtain a building permit and choose your style. These guidelines are typical for creating front porches:


  • Lay out the trenches and pour concrete footers
  • Attach support posts to the footers
  • Add the ledger board to the house
  • Create the outer porch perimeter
  • Attach the porch joists
  • Lay the flooring on joists
  • Attach the posts and build the roof


If the porch will be enclosed, you must add the walls, roofing, doors, windows, or screens. Follow this up with installing the exterior wall materials if any, finish the floor, add steps, and railing (if any). Build your front porch so water won’t rot the wood where it is attached to the house.


“We just cannot seem to get enough of porches’ charm and functionality in today’s modern world. A log cabin porch makes a statement that says                               ‘I want to enjoy the outdoors from my own home.”


Back Log Cabin Porches


When you want more privacy or more space, a back porch is the answer. Back porches are great for stargazing and watching the kids or grandkids play. Decide how large it will be, obtain your building permit, how much light you want, and choose its style.      


Constructing a back porch is essentially the same as a front porch and can have these benefits: 


  • A grill or stove for cooking meals (make the area safe)
  • Allows faster walking access to the kitchen
  • Lets you build a pass-through window to the porch
  • Can provide more space for flower pots

Now, you have two porch choices, and let’s look at a third.


Wrap Around Porches Are Grand


A wrap-around porch is attached to two, three, or all four sides of a log cabin with or without a door on all four. They are wonderful when you need the space but they are more expensive. 

Build it the same way as a front or back porch while keeping these thoughts in mind:


  • Be aware of where you will reduce the light coming into rooms
  • Making the corner transition seamless can be difficult
  • Their construction requires more planning
  • They may not be good for small lots


Wrap-around porches can increase the curb appeal and market value of your home. You can also see the scenic views from all angles. The last thought and one of the best is ‘should you enclose the porch’?


Enclosed Porches Can Be Year-Round Rooms


Enclosed porches can be erected on any of the four walls of your log cabin. The two popular choices are screened-in and glass windows on the front or back sides of cabins. They serve all the same purposes already mentioned, plus they can double as guest sleeping rooms. Glassed-in porches or sunrooms look fabulous with knotty pine paneling on the walls and ceilings. 


The essential difference between an enclosed porch and an open porch is it has walls and a lockable door. Consult with your contractor about the size and type of windows and roofing that best meet your needs. Screened-in walls can have heavy-duty screens that open or stay shut. Apply log stain and sealant the same as the rest of the cabin. TIP: Make sure the corners are sealed completely to the house. Learn more about these porches from the family handyman.


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