5 Best Self-covid Testing Kits To Use

Whether you have symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, getting a COVID-19 test done at home can help you feel more at ease. One advantage is that they deliver outcomes in …

Covid test kit

Whether you have symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, getting a COVID-19 test done at home can help you feel more at ease. One advantage is that they deliver outcomes in between fifteen and thirty minutes. 

A home collection pack is a swab collected at home and delivered to a testing facility for a PCR test. This is frequently required before undergoing medical treatment or traveling. 

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Keep a close eye on the swab technique and the turnaround time while searching for at-home COVID-19 testing. Consider the timing of your signs as well as any possible exposure. 

1. EverlyWell

More than 30 different at-home test kit types, such as a COVID-19 home collection set, are offered by the diagnostics firm. Both symptomatic and asymptomatic coronavirus disease can be tested for. 

A lower nose swab is necessary for covid testing louisville ky collection. You must insert only one inch of the nose. After the lab gets your sample, you will receive the outcomes in one to two days. Results are accessible in print and digital formats. 

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Additionally, EverlyWell can offer an itemized invoice for insurance reimbursement. Customers who have used the EverlyWell testing kit are grateful for the clear directions and the excellent follow-up service. 

2. BinaxNOW 

The preferred option is the BinaxNOW test since it offers speedy readings at home and is convenient to use due to the anterior nasal swab. After gathering your sample, you place it on a testing pad and wait fifteen minutes for the findings to appear. 

The COVID-19 variants like Delta and Omicron are among those that BinaxNOW can identify3, and it comes with two testing strips so that you may self-test twice, 36 hours away, for the most accurate results. The test is a rapid, trustworthy, and reasonably priced choice. The only problem right now is discovering one at a store; these tests have become very popular and are often out of stock. 

Covid test kit


The FDA has granted emergency use approval for this test. The tests themselves are not CDC-approved for travel. Still, customers may request the tests through Abbott’s eMed online platform, monitor the test in a telehealth appointment, and then have the exam results through the free NAVICA application, satisfying the CDC’s standards.  

3. LetsGetChecked

The at-home COVID-19 test is one of the many health exams that LetsGetChecked provides. This test comes with simple-to-follow instructions and collects a sample using a gentle lower nose swab. 

Covid 19 Test kit


You can use the prepaid shipping address to return the test after you’ve finished it. Real-time test tracking is available, and you can get an email or text alert on its progress. At LetsGetChecked, a medical expert will evaluate your sample and discuss the outcomes. 

Virtual help is mentioned in customer testimonials as having improved the process’s informational and enjoyable aspects. An itemized receipt for health insurance is available from LetsGetChecked. 

4. Pixel by Labcorp

Due to the mail-order kit’s strong demand, there might not be as many at-home test collection kits accessible. 

The most straightforward at-home COVID-19 test is Pixel by Labcorp, and it’s also the only one that doesn’t cost money upfront. In actuality, you may receive this test without having health insurance. If you decide to fill out their intake form, you can have Pixel submit a claim to your insurer or, if you qualify, use government funding to pay for the test. You can choose to forego the survey and pay in full instead. 

After receiving the kit, you must enroll in it and do a straightforward nose swab as part of the test. After the lab gets your sample, you will receive electronic results in one to two days. Those whose test findings are positive or uncertain are also eligible for a free visit with a doctor. 

5. QuickVue At-Home

An excellent choice for at-home fast screening is the QuickVue At-Home OTC test. In 10 minutes, it might give you a favorable or unfavorable outcome. However, the business claims that performing two tests within 36 hours will yield the most accurate findings. 

The QuickVue uses two anterior nasal swab samples collected over two days, just like all the top antigen tests. Each kit contains both tests you need to test for COVID-19 at home properly. The findings appear on a bit of paper that resembles a pregnancy test. 

However, since different nations and airlines have varying standards for confirmation of a negative test, and since this test is meant for at-home, individual use, the CDC has not authorized it for travel clearance. The FDA has granted emergency use clearance for this test. 

Is COVID-19 at-home testing reliable? 

COVID-19 examinations taken at home are usually just as reliable as in-person tests. The most reliable test should be performed three to five days after infection for those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine and have been infected with the virus. 

There is no guarantee that mistakes won’t occur even when at-home testing kits are handled in the same laboratories used by medical professionals. 

The CDC advises carefully reading the manufacturer’s instructions, getting in touch with the maker, and speaking with a primary care physician if you discover an error in the at-home lab tests. 

When Should You Place a Test order? 

If you experience any COVID-19 signs, schedule a test as soon as possible, especially if you don’t wish to expose others by going to a site in person. If you’re utilizing an antigen check, it could be helpful to check again twelve to twenty-four hours after receiving your initial negative result to ensure the accuracy of your findings. 


It’s crucial to check if you have COVID-19 signs or have recently been around someone with the disease. Getting tested at home is a secure alternative to going to a physical location and maybe jeopardizing your or someone else’s safety. 

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