What is Microsoft Viva Connections?

Microsoft Viva Connections is your entry point to a modern workforce experience that keeps everyone involved and informed. Viva Connections is a Microsoft Teams customizable app that provides everyone with a personalized location to discover …

Viva Connections

Microsoft Viva Connections is your entry point to a modern workforce experience that keeps everyone involved and informed. Viva Connections is a Microsoft Teams customizable app that provides everyone with a personalized location to discover important news, conversations, and the tools they need to succeed.

Furthermore, users can access news, chats, and other corporate resources through this platform, which offers a single user experience. New options are presented by Viva Connections for leaders to establish an organizational culture and engage their workforce in an inspiring work environment. Its objective is to assist you in developing and maintaining close bonds with your dependents no matter where you are.

Viva Connections Defined

In addition to Viva Insights, Viva Learnings, and Viva Topics, the Microsoft Viva Suite includes Viva Connections as one of its four modules. A tailored perspective of news, conversations, and communities is provided by Viva Connections using the apps and gadgets that your workforce is already familiar with and regularly uses.

Employees have access to all they require at any time to stay motivated and find what matters most to them wherever they are. Additionally, it enables people to contribute ideas and feel heard. In fact, the goal of Viva Connections’ creation was to promote workplace communication. You may design unique dashboards using Viva Connections to give employees quick access to business resources like calendars, wellness reminders, and holidays.

The ideal location for bringing together news, conversations, and information is this single portal. Employees can maintain connections even when working remotely.

Personalized and Curated Experiences

We or our content producers may create experiences that are both curated and unique with the help of Viva Connections. When a user has a curated experience, they view content that has been selected by the site’s owner or creator. 

For instance, the content utilized on a site and its audience targeting is controlled by the site owner. For menu-item targeting in the global navigation and card-level targeting in the dashboard, Azure Active Directory (AAD) groups are used to target audiences. When the material is automatically displayed based on what the consumers find most relevant, the experience is said to be customized.

Equally important, this content may include content from websites people follow, such as Yammer group memberships, popular content, and other sources. The Feed is an excellent example of tailored content.

Home site (curated)

The layout of the home site, the materials utilized on that site, and the targeting of information to certain audiences are all under the control of the site owner.

Feed (tailored)

The Viva Connections Feed tailors the Feed for each employee by bringing in the most relevant content for that employee using its own heuristics. It makes use of signals in the content created within the organization.

Dashboard (curated)

Using pre-existing Azure Active Directory (AAD) groups, a Dashboard author can target each card on the Dashboard to particular audiences and manage the Dashboard’s curation. These guidelines let Dashboard authors design unique user interfaces for every group. Additionally, authors benefit from dynamic group memberships through Viva Connection’s use of AAD groups, which lowers the administrative burden. Authors may quickly see how the Dashboard will appear on various devices and to different audiences.

What Viva Connections Offers

Let’s look at a few of the features that we have access to.


Everything exciting happens on the Viva Connections dashboard. You may personalize your dashboard experience by making it on your own. Through the use of dashboard cards, the dashboard gives employees access to the most important information and resources. It’s a visual option that makes information accessible. Your dashboard’s design can adjust to your needs, and you can use a desktop or mobile device to access it.

Dashboard Cards

Your Viva Connections dashboard is where you may see dashboard cards. Moreover, users can interact with dashboard cards at medium and large sizes to finish tasks or gather information. Here are a few of our favorites out of the many uses for dashboard cards:

  • presenting a fast view with more details or a form for input
  • Choosing a SharePoint page to navigate through
  • Using it to access the Teams app
  • Accessing a website
  • Instantly seeing information and interacting with the dashboard cards to locate what you’re searching for instead of having to search for it


Users of the Viva Connections app will receive a customized feed with news from all throughout their company. Additionally, the feed is a fantastic method to remain informed about business communication and interesting stuff. Great features in the feed automatically balance these two factors to maintain the stream’s entertaining and engaging quality. 

Moreover, to increase awareness, important messages that demand all employees’ attention might be emphasized. If permission is granted, the content will be compiled from several sources, including Yammer community posts, SharePoint news, and Microsoft Stream for video-type content.


The absence of social connections is one of the more glaring difficulties that a remote work environment presents. When you spend the entire day by yourself in your living room working in front of a screen, it can be simple to feel lonely and disconnected. Conclusively, research demonstrates that social ties encourage cooperation and increase effectiveness. 

Having said that, we are also aware of the tremendous flexibility that working remotely offers; with Viva Connections, you can have both.

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