Why Do You Need Medi Tubs in Your House?

Medi tubs are walk-in bathtubs, specially designed for elderly people or people who have difficulty with walking or experience pain in their joints while walking and sitting. It can also be used by older adults …

Medi tubs

Medi tubs are walk-in bathtubs, specially designed for elderly people or people who have difficulty with walking or experience pain in their joints while walking and sitting. It can also be used by older adults who might feel a risk of slipping and falling due to getting older. The medi tub is equipped with a door which removes the need to climb over the ledge, reducing the risk of slipping or losing balance and falling. In addition to having a door, medi tubs also come with bar handles to grab so that people can lift themselves up easily. They also provide the option of having a tub and shower combined, depending on the user’s needs. 

What Material Is Used To Manufacture Medi Tubs?

Bathtubs come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Some of the commonly used materials for its manufacturing are as follows. 

  • Fiberglass bathtubs- They are cheaper and very easy to maintain, however, they might not be the most durable option since fiberglass is very thin. It can also very easily break or have cracks. Medi tubs in fiberglass offer a wide range of color options. 
  • Acrylic bathtubs- These are a much better option than fiberglass, as they are more sturdy and stronger. Acrylic is also a cheaper material to manufacture bathtubs. However, it is still not the best option. It is easily bendable and can warp, ruining the shape of the bathtub permanently. And similar to fiberglass, acrylic medi tubs are also available in various colors. 
  • Cast-iron or steel bathtubs- Thes are rarer than acrylic and fiberglass tubs, but much stronger and durable than the others. Steel is cheaper than cast iron and lighter than cast iron. However, they are both generally heavier than fiberglass and acrylic tubs.
  • Cast-polymer bathtubs- Luxurious bathtubs are often created in marble which add to the aesthetic of the bathroom. They are more stain resistant and more durable. 
  • Other materials- Sometimes, people might prefer copper or stone to get their bathtubs manufactured. However, they are not available at the common shops, they need to be customized. 

What  Will Be The Cost Of Medi Tubs?

The cost of medi tubs depends on the factors that you want in your tub. A simple walk-in meditub without any extra features will be cheaper. However, if you want other features in it, such as massage therapy, bar handles, a seat to sit in, the price will keep increasing. If you get them customized and add more features in it, the price will be dependent accordingly. The material of the tub will also be an important determinant.

Installation Of Meditubs

Meditubs will be installed by the company you choose to buy from easily. You don’t have to make any major adjustments to the bathroom to fit it in. It will easily replace your older bathtub and fit right into the standard dimensions. Most companies offer both right and left hand doors so that they can easily adjust into different types of bathroom models. 

Before installing the tub, the installer will call and take details of your bathroom dimensions, the entrance door size, stairs- if the tub is to be installed on the upper floor- and such other details. The installer will also need a 20 amp circuit. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having Medi Tubs In Your House?

Medi tubs provide an ergonomic way of taking a shower, without having to put strain on the person’s joints. It has been especially designed for elderly, but other people can choose to use it too. They allow the user to feel comfortable and safe while taking a bath. The floor inside the rub has been made of an anti-slip material to easily accommodate users. There are handlebars on the sides for the user to grab and lift themselves up. The step-in of the medi tubs is small which makes it easily accessible to anyone. They are also equipped with air therapy and hydrotherapy which helps sore muscles and eases pain in joints due to arthritis etc. 

As an elderly, they won’t have to worry about being dependent on anyone since they can easily lift themselves and walk themselves in for bathing. They can easily go about their daily routine comfortably. 

You can search the internet for the reputable companies which manufacture medi tubs or search your  local market. Make sure to keep the various factors in mind while buying one, such as the cost and the exact requirements of the people using it. 

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