How to Make Your Next Thanksgiving a Memorable One

For many individuals, Thanksgiving is one of the rare occasions throughout the year when we can join our families or chosen families to share a delicious meal, offer thanks for our blessings, and bask in …

For many individuals, Thanksgiving is one of the rare occasions throughout the year when we can join our families or chosen families to share a delicious meal, offer thanks for our blessings, and bask in the joy of each other’s company.  

Families and groups of friends frequently build their own distinctive Thanksgiving customs that they bring out every year. They can be gourmet or crafty, entertaining or odd, sporty or soothing – and most don’t require anything more than everyone’s enthusiasm.  

Your next Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you’re hosting, I’m sure you’re thinking about how to make it a fun and memorable experience for your family and friends. Here are some ideas for making your next Thanksgiving special and memorable. 


Whether it’s a traditional family gathering or a more informal Friendsgiving, you don’t want to show up without anything, especially if you know your host has been cooking, preparing for guests, and taking extra precautions to ensure everything is in place.  

If you haven’t seen close family and friends in a long time, bringing assorted thanksgiving treats as a gift brings all the holiday feels. Small details, like thanksgiving treat boxes and personalized tags, can elevate an informal presentation. 

Play Festive Music 

Set the tone with festive music that will have everyone’s feet tapping while they cook and clean. There are many Thanksgiving songs to add to your playlist, but Thanksgiving is also an excellent time to start playing Christmas music. 

Serve a Signature Cocktail 

Begin your celebrations with a unique sip by offering a signature cocktail. For larger gatherings, anything as basic as cranberry gin, spiked apple cider, tonic, or mulled wine works well, or create special fall drinks if you’re a mixologist.  

Craft a Family Tree 

Create a family tree to celebrate your relationship when the entire family meets for a holiday. Making the leaves out of everyone’s fingerprints will make it even more personal. To give this activity a Thanksgiving twist, use red and orange ink. 

Send Guests Home with Levelled-Up Leftovers 

Thanksgiving leftovers, whether you like them or not, are unavoidable. Make yours unique by sending attendees home with new ideas. Perhaps it’s as simple as writing down your favorite Thanksgiving sandwich recipe or printing out recipes for creative ways to use the components. 

Although each of us has a favorite Thanksgiving dish, the spread may get a little stale. To spice things up, include a dish from a different country or put a fresh spin on an old favorite. You might discover a brand-new custom. 

Family Photo Albums 

Bring out old family photos and assemble the youngsters to reminisce. Seeing photos of earlier weddings, births, and vacations is bound to evoke beautiful memories and the tales that go with them.  


Unfortunately, not every family can afford a large Thanksgiving meal or travel to see family. Some folks may find this problematic. However, if you can, you can volunteer and assist needy families around the holidays. 

This is an excellent recommendation for someone without any Thanksgiving plans. A great way to use your holiday time is to get out of the house, perform a kind deed, and feel better and more content. 

If you don’t have the time to volunteer, consider donating instead. On Thanksgiving, a $10 donation may feed a family of four. 

Take a Drive 

Are you spending Thanksgiving in your hometown? While you wait for the table to be set, cruise past your favorite spots. In a completely new location? Get out on those backroads and appreciate the natural splendor. 

Have a Family Photoshoot 

The holiday season officially begins on Thanksgiving, so if everyone will be there, why not use the opportunity to take some family photos for your Christmas cards? 

You don’t need to employ a professional; go outside and utilize the timer on your camera or phone (you might want to get your hands on a portable tripod beforehand).  

Invite everyone in your family to wear matching outfits, or opt for funny holiday sweaters or a fancy-dress theme. The essential thing is that everyone has a good time together – though it also provides another excuse to walk outside and get some fresh air to avoid a food coma. 

Taking photos together is a terrific way to include everyone, create memories, and get a head start on Christmas gifts and cards. Framed photographs make excellent gifts for grandparents. 


Consider how your year has progressed thus far. With the end of the year quickly coming, now is the time to ask yourself: 

  • Am I happy with the outcome of everything? 
  • Is there anything I would alter if I could? 
  • What can I change, and what will I change? 
  • How are my objectives progressing? 
  • What do I need to do to accomplish my long-term goals? 

You can also think about it with your family and loved ones. Consider all of the good that has occurred this year. Consider all the good things, successes, and the times you laughed together. Make reflecting an inspiring occasion to kick off the new year. 

Hold A Pie Eating Contest 

Forget about the turkey! Thanksgiving is the ideal occasion to indulge in some pie. From apple pie to pumpkin pie to sweet potato pie to cherry pie, the possibilities are unlimited, so it only makes sense to see who can finish the most quickly. Make the prize attractive, such as no dish duty after dinner, and you’ve got the makings of a classic clash. 

Give Thanks 

Gratitude is associated with our mental and physical well-being, but it is also at the heart of this celebration. It’s vital to pause and reflect on all the good and great things that have happened to us and express gratitude to those who have made them possible. 

Allow everyone at the table, from oldest to youngest, to share something they are grateful for with the entire group before the meal. 

Explain to children the significance of Thanksgiving and the value and relevance of gratitude in our lives. This ties in nicely with volunteering, which can be done by the entire family as quickly as by a single individual. 


Take some time this Thanksgiving to ponder, refresh, and give thanks. May your Christmas be full of beautiful memories with your family, friends, and loved ones, and may you be able to begin the holiday season on the right foot. Additionally, use the above tips to help make your Thanksgiving memorable and fun.  


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