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Everything To Know About Rigid Mailer

Cardboard Rigid Envelopes

Using the best packaging materials for your products not only keeps them safe, but also creates a good impression for your brands among your customers. Therefore, it is always recommended by the experts to use different types of packaging products for different types of items. The packaging products that you are going to use to ship your items, must be strong and rigid, it should be able to protect the items from shock, vibration, impact and other external damage. And at the same time, make sure that the packaging product is made up of recycled materials, so that it is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

In this article we shall be learning some important facts about rigid mailer. You can get this material from the nearby shop, or you can order it online as well. Globe Packaging is an online store in the UK that provides you with different protective packaging supplies such as cardboard rigid envelopes, cardboard boxes, corrugated paper rolls, bubble wraps, kraft paper rolls and so on.

Different Types of Mailers

Mailers Are Mainly of Three Types:

  • Promotional Mailer: A promotional mailer comes with tamper- proof packaging. It is mainly used for introducing and promoting new product and service, or the one that is in the existing mode. If you are opening a boutique, or a restaurant or a store for different important items, you can use a promotional mailer to promote your shop and brand.
  • Informational Mailer: This mailer is used for sharing important and helpful information with your customers, but you do not want them to take any actions yet.
  • Transactional Mailer: This mailer is used when there is an actual transaction happening between two people or two parties. The best example is the online shopping that we do. For instance, if you are purchasing something online and need instruction on how to return within a certain time period, if you don’t like it, at that time a transaction mailer is used.

Rigid mailers or cardboard rigid envelopes protect your items during shipping and transit. This packaging product is made up of a durable material called corrugated fiberboard. Other materials used for making rigid mailers are, polystyrene, polypropylene and paperboard. Because of this, it can withstand without any issues, being folded and unfolded. This packaging material is resistant to water as well. So, it does not absorb water even if it is surrounded by other packaging materials. Rigid mailer is mostly used for mailing and shipping products in bulk. This packaging material is not suitable for fragile, delicate and lightweight items because they do not provide much cushioning to these items.

The Use of Rigid Mailers

Rigid mailer is a versatile packaging material. You can use it to send different types of products to your customers. You-can use this material in different industries, such as, restaurants, online businesses, retail stores, manufacturers and so on. You can use a rigid mailer for shipping small items such as books, magazines, jewellery, watches and so on.

Advantages of Using Rigid Mailers

A rigid mailer comes with a lot of benefits for your business. It not only helps you in shipping products safely, but is affordable as well. You do not have to spend much in a rigid mailer. Also, this packaging material is lighter than a corrugated mailer. You can fold it in whichever way you want and it will fit easily even in a small amount of space. Even the smallest items can get shipped easily in a rigid mailer. These are some of the important benefits that you will get, if you are using a rigid mailer.

Two Most Common Types of Rigid Mailers

  • Flat mailing envelope: It is one of the most common types of rigid mailer. As the name suggests, it is flat in nature. You can use it for personal correspondence. It is also used for general business as well. You can print your logo and different information as well.
  • Window envelope: This rigid envelope has windows on both the sides so that the customers can see through both the windows and get a glimpse of the product inside it. It is available in different sizes.

Summing Up

These are some of the important facts about the rigid mailer. You can get these packaging materials from different packaging suppliers and use it for your business and other personal purposes.

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